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Samsung E1200

Samsung E1200

Create contact

Follow these instructions to create a new contact.

1. Find "Contacts"
  • Press Menu.
  • Scroll to Contacts and press OK.
2. Create contact
  • Scroll to Create contact and press OK.
3. Enter name
  • Scroll to Name and key in the required name.
4. Enter phone number
  • Highlight Mobile or Telephone and key in the required phone number.
Always begin phone numbers with a + followed by the country code, even for local phone numbers. This ensures that the phone numbers can be called even when you're abroad.
5. Add more information
  • You can add more information to the contact. An example is displayed below.
  • Assign ring tone, go to 5a.
5a - Assign ring tone
  • Press Options.
  • Scroll to Add details and press OK.
  • Scroll to Caller ringtone and press OK.
  • Go to the required folder.
  • Go to the required folder.
  • Highlight the different ring tones to listen to them.
  • Once you've found a ring tone you like, press OK.
6. Save contact
  • Press Options.
  • Scroll to Save and press OK.
7. Exit
  • Press Disconnect to return to standby mode.