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Nokia C3-01

Nokia C3-01

Download and use application from Ovi Store

In addition to the applications already on your phone, you can download new applications. Follow these instructions to download and use an application from Ovi Store.
You need to set up your phone for internet to use this function. Click here for information on how to set up your phone for internet.

You also need to create an Ovi account. You can set up the account on the Ovi web page.

1. Find "Store"
  • Press Menu.
  • Press Store.
2. Find application
  • To search by category:
  • Press the second tab at the top of the display.
  • Go to the required category.
  • To search by application name:
  • Press the third tab at the top of the display.
  • Press Type here....
  • Key in the name of the required application and press OK.
3. Download application
  • Press the required application.
  • To download a free application:
  • Press Download.
  • To download a paid application:
  • Press Buy.
  • If it's the first time you use the application, you need to log on.
  • Follow the instructions on the display to download and install the application.
  • Press Disconnect to close the menu item.
  • Press Yes to confirm.
  • Press Disconnect to return to standby mode.
4. Use application
  • Press Menu.
  • Press Apps..
  • Press Extras.
  • Press Games or Collection.
  • Press the application you've just downloaded.
  • Follow the instructions on the display to use the application.