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How to write text

There are various ways of entering text when you write notes or messages. Follow these instructions to learn how to write text.

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Select text input settings
Text input is used in many of the phone functions, such as notes and messages. There are a number of different text input settings. The most important settings are described in the following steps.
Find "keyboard"
Press arrow right to access the main menu.
Press Settings.
Press keyboard.
Choose option
Choose one of the following options:
Add writing language, go to 3a.
Turn word suggestion on or off, go to 3b.
3a - Add writing language
Press the field below Keyboard languages.
Press the required language to select it.
When a language is ticked (V), the language is selected.
Press the confirm icon.
3b - Turn word suggestion on or off
Press Suggest text and highlight misspelt words.
When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), the function is turned on.
If you turn on word suggestion, words are suggested as you key in the first letters.
Save settings
Press the Home key to save the settings and return to standby mode.
How to write text
The following steps describe how to use the phone keypad when word suggestion is turned on. The following steps require that you've opened a note or a message and that the text input field field is active.
Select writing language
Press the writing language icon until the required language has been selected.
The selected language determines which characters are available and the language used for word suggestion.
Before you can select the required writing language, you need to add the language, see step 3a.
Write text
Press once on each letter to write the required word.
A number of words based on the letters you've keyed in are displayed.
Press the required word to insert it.
To key in numbers or symbols:
Press 123.
Press arrow right to see more symbols.
Press the required numbers or the required symbols.
Press abcd to return to text input.
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