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BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

Answer a call

When someone calls you, the number or the name of the caller is displayed and your phone plays the ring tone you've chosen. Follow these instructions to answer a call.

1. Select option
  • Select one of the following options:
  • Answer call, go to 1a.
  • Reject call, go to 1b.
  • Silence the incoming call alert, go to 1c.
1a - Answer call
  • Drag the grey field downwards.
1b - Reject call
  • Drag the grey field upwards.
When you reject a call, the caller will hear a busy signal or be diverted to your voicemail.
1c - Silence the incoming call alert
  • Press the Top or the Bottom volume key when you get a call.
  • The incoming call alert is silenced.
  • If you take no further action after silencing the incoming call alert, the call continues until the caller disconnects or the call is diverted to your voicemail.
You can silence the incoming call alert if you don't want to answer or reject the call right away. Afterwards, you can still answer or reject the call.